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Copper Fanta Bottle for Carrying Drinking Water in Style
Copper Fanta Bottle for Carrying Drinking Water in Style
Copper Fanta Bottle for Carrying Drinking Water in Style

Copper Fanta Bottle for Carrying Drinking Water in Style

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  • Made from pure, unadulterated copper.
  • Crafted by skilled artisans for an authentic look and feel.
  • Shiny exterior for added appeal.
  • Convenient and healthy way to carry water.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
Note - The actual product does not carry any sticker or logo. It is just a watermark showed in picture.

Post the invention of stainless steel, which is much easier to maintain, the practice of drinking water from copper utensils has taken a back seat. However, recent studies have proved that water consumed from copper utensils has several health benefits. The unknown fact is that copper enhances the purity of water. It naturally filters the water, without the modern techniques of UV treatment or reverse osmosis. Research has proved that water stored overnight in copper bottles or jugs can kill almost all the germs and bacteria present in it.


This Copper Fanta bottle is made with the finest quality copper. Carrying this well-designed piece to your office will surely get you some compliments. Making this Copper Fanta bottle a part of your collection will not only make you look chic but will also provide amazing health benefits.


Proper care while cleaning the copper vessel will keep it new and shiny. Discoloration is natural for pure copper but proper care can help you get rid of this problem. Just make sure you clean the copper vessel daily like you clean the steel utensils. Just remember not to use the regular detergents and abrasive scrubbers. Instead, use lemon juice and salt or tamarind with a soft cotton cloth to clean it.

  • Diameter : 7 cm
  • Height : 22 cm
  • Weight : 200 -220 gm
  • Capacity: 900 ml
Product Dimesion
Stacey R (Willits United States Of America)
5 Star
18 Apr 2021
This is a great water bottle, nice design, well made. I use it at home for drinking my daily copper water. Shipping was quick and I would buy from this company again.
Ujwal R (Bangalore India)
4 Star
21 Jun 2019
Hugh H (Washington ,USA)
5 Star
24 Jul 2018
I am very happy with my purchase. They are exactly as described and solid copper.
Komal S (New Delhi, India)
5 Star
17 Jul 2018
Very nice quality and design. Recommend.
Robin N (Torento, Canada)
4 Star
04 Jul 2018
It is nice it gives a metallic taste to the water but better than plastic taste. It keeps the water cool really really well.
Hemant D (Cuttack, India)
5 Star
27 Jun 2018
Beautiful copper water bottle. Shipping was fast and packaging very good.
Prakash M (Kharagpur, India)
5 Star
19 Apr 2018
The looks really cool and it keeps my water nice and cold for a good period of time. People keep asking me about it at the gym :-)
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Taking care of your copperware is much easier than you may have imagined. With copperware, a little care goes a long way. Here is how you can do it.
  • All our copperware is made from pure copper and thus is meant to tarnish within a day or two after the usage. It is completely normal and has nothing to do with the quality of the product.
  • It is crucial to clean the product regularly in order to maintain its shine.
  • You can use an industrial product such as Pitambari used specifically for cleaning copper utensils. If you live in India you can easily get it and if you don't you can use any of the below-mentioned recipes.
  • A mixture of table salt and fresh lemon juice (you can also use white vinegar instead of lemon). Rub this mixture onto the surface until clean. Wash with plain water and wipe off the excess water immediately with a cotton cloth.
  • You can also use tamarind paste instead. Soak up some tamarind in warm water. Once it is soft, use the pulp to rub the surface of your copperware. Wash with water and wipe off the excess water with a cotton cloth.
  • Always wipe off the excess water with a cotton cloth after rinsing your copperware. If you fail to do so water marks will form on the utensil which is hard to get rid of later.
  • Try not to rub your copperware with an abrasive scrubber as it may leave behind scratches. Always use a cotton cloth to rub the surface of your copperware.
Follow the steps as mentioned above to maintain the shine of your copperware and keep them new forever.

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