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Set of Four Plain Copper Tumblers
Set of Four Plain Copper Tumblers
Set of Four Plain Copper Tumblers
Set of Four Plain Copper Tumblers
Set of Four Plain Copper Tumblers

Set of Four Plain Copper Tumblers

4.88 Star
Rating 4.88 (8 Customer Reviews)
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  • Made from pure copper.
  • Hand crafted by skilled craftsmen.
  • Ideal for serving water and cold beverages.
  • Wide bottom to prevent spillage.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
Note - The actual product does not carry any sticker or logo. It is just a watermark showed in picture.

Utensils crafted from copper are preferred over other metals due to several health related reasons and benefits associated with copper. Since ancient times copper has been used to make utensils. Storing and drinking water from copper utensils is a great way to make a healthy addition to your life. Copper treated water helps in fulfilling the daily need of copper in the body while keeping several diseases at bay.

  • Diameter : 7.5 cm
  • Height : 10 cm
  • Weight : 400 gm
  • Capacity: 250 ml X4
Product Dimesion
Kaytlin (Inuvik Canada)
5 Star
24 Jan 2020
These are much better quality than other copper tumblers I have seen. The order was dispatched the same day I ordered.However, my order was taking longer than expected to arrive. Copper Utensils kept in touch regularly and when it appeared that my original order got lost in the mail they immediately sent a replacement which arrived extremely quickly. They were packaged well.
Vicente J (Santa Pola, Spain)
5 Star
15 Feb 2019
Good product
Just J (Los Angeles, USA)
5 Star
02 Jan 2019
The health value of using copper is not to be underrated, I love my tumblers. Fast Delivery by DHL.
Elisabetta C (Oggiono, Italy)
4 Star
27 Jun 2018
The tumblers are crafted beautifully. The hammering is perfect and the capacity is also good. I am thoroughly happy with this purchase. But It took very long to get the product delivered.
Anuj N (Rishikesh, India)
5 Star
21 Jun 2018
Got this tumbler set as a wedding gift for my friend and she loved it. Initially, I was skeptical about the purity of the metal, but after getting them I was completely relieved.
Steve S ( Auckland, New Zealand )
5 Star
19 Apr 2018
Very happy with the set of copper tumblers. The seller of this product wrapped it and cared for it so well as to not have it damaged in its long trip directly from India where this practice is widely used. Namesté
Alberto G (Manchester, UK)
5 Star
19 Apr 2018
Good design. The tumblers are very well made. Love it.
Priskie J (Houston, USA)
5 Star
02 Apr 2018
This is a very high-quality product and meets the standards for Ayurveda. Thank you!
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Taking care of your copperware is much easier than you may have imagined. With copperware, a little care goes a long way. Here is how you can do it.
  • All our copperware is made from pure copper and thus is meant to tarnish within a day or two after the usage. It is completely normal and has nothing to do with the quality of the product.
  • It is crucial to clean the product regularly in order to maintain its shine.
  • You can use an industrial product such as Pitambari used specifically for cleaning copper utensils. If you live in India you can easily get it and if you don't you can use any of the below-mentioned recipes.
  • A mixture of table salt and fresh lemon juice (you can also use white vinegar instead of lemon). Rub this mixture onto the surface until clean. Wash with plain water and wipe off the excess water immediately with a cotton cloth.
  • You can also use tamarind paste instead. Soak up some tamarind in warm water. Once it is soft, use the pulp to rub the surface of your copperware. Wash with water and wipe off the excess water with a cotton cloth.
  • Always wipe off the excess water with a cotton cloth after rinsing your copperware. If you fail to do so water marks will form on the utensil which is hard to get rid of later.
  • Try not to rub your copperware with an abrasive scrubber as it may leave behind scratches. Always use a cotton cloth to rub the surface of your copperware.
Follow the steps as mentioned above to maintain the shine of your copperware and keep them new forever.

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