Copper Utensil Online

About Us

With so much of discrepancy in the market, finding original, high-quality copper products can be a pain. But that is why we are here. Copper Utensils Online was started five years ago with the idea of spreading the thought of enlightening people with the benefits of copper treated water and to provide them with the best quality copperware. We started this journey in a tiny little room with no idea that it will evolve and grow into something so big. Five years ago we launched our first product which was a leak-proof copper water bottle and since then we have launched a variety of pure copper products and are trying to consistently improve the variety of our products, customer service as well as other aspects which needed help.

Today our website, copper utensils online boasts a variety of pure copperware ranging from pure copper jugs, copper mugs, copper tumbler, copper water bottles and much more. Browse through our amazing collection of pure copperware and fall in love with our ancient Ayurveda roots yet again.

We are engaged in manufacturing, wholesale and retail business of pure copperware.